Academic Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Kenya

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Academic Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Kenya

Pursuing a desired course in higher education is a dream that most students in Kenyan have. Though, some get devastated upon realizing that their dreams to study further have been cut off because of lack of adequate funds to for their school fees.  However, this is not the truth with sponsors in Kenya who are ready to finance education for the needy and worthy students. Therefore, every student looking for financial aid should learn how to scout good scholarship opportunities as it is key to achieving desired academic goals.

The ministry of education is the main provider for scholarships for students who exceptionally perform well in their studies, hence, it is unfortunate that not all students who can take advantage of these scholarship opportunities. Therefore, this article will list scholarship opportunities offered by the United States International University Africa.

New scholarship opportunities effective September include; International Relations, Business Administration, Tourism Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Journalism and Psychology, Accounting, Counseling Psychology, Criminal Justice, International relations and Information Systems and Technology.

USIU Undergraduate Scholarships

  1. Freshmen Scholarships for the Best Students in the Province

Number of scholarships: 8

This is merit Scholarships that will be awarded to top students from each province in Kenya. It will cover 25% tuition fees only.

Qualifications: C+ and above in KCSE

  1. Scholarships for the Physically Challenged

Number of scholarships: 2

The Scholarships are effective in September, fall semester and is based on academic merit. This is a full scholarship that will cater for all tuition costs.

Qualifications: C+ and above in KCSE

  1. Full USIU Scholarship for the Bachelor’s Degree

Number of scholarships: 2

The scholarships will begin in September and will cater for tuition fees, accommodation, computer lab fees and books. The student must cater for other expenses like Medical and Student Affairs Council fees (SAC).          Qualifications: B+ and above in KCSE and Must be needy with academic and leadership achievements

  1. Public Service Scholarship Number of scholarships: 10 Scholarships are for Kenyan civil servants wishing to pursue Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at USIU. This will cater for 25% tuition.                    Qualifications: Applicants must provide a letter from their Heads of Department or their immediate Supervisors.
  2. Scholarships for the Underrepresented Communities

Number of scholarships: 2                                                                            Scholarships are awarded to bright students from Arid and Semi-Arid areas of Kenya who are underprivileged and underrepresented.                                    Bright students from the Informal settlements in USIU neighborhood are also eligible to apply. The scholarship caters for full tuition fees only.                Qualification: C+ and above in KCSE

Application Requirements for Undergraduate Scholarships:                            All legible applicants MUST:

  • Submit application letter, copies of certificates and transcripts that are certified by the Head teacher, school leaving certificate, a reference latter from the principal/ Head teacher, essay on background information and degree you wish to pursue and reasons why you feel you deserve to be awarded the scholarship.
  • Submit applications to USIU Financial Aid Office by May 20th

Academic Scholarships at USIU University Kenya – Graduate Scholarships

  1. 25% Public Service Scholarships

Number of Scholarships: 6

USIU awards this academic scholarship to qualified Civil Servants who want to study Masters in International Relations and Counseling Psychology.

  1. 25% MBA Scholarships

Number of Scholarships: 6

The merit based scholarships are awarded to students wishing to pursue Masters of Business Administration Degree (MBA) at USIU.

Applicants with GMAT score of 550 or better will have an added advantage.

 Application Requirements:

Applicants MUST:

  • Be a degree holder from a recognized or accredited University with a GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale or equivalent.
  • Complete Graduate Admissions Applications form available at USIU Admissions Office or download from the university’s website.
  • Provide official transcripts from accredited University attended
  • Provide Graduate Record Examination (GRE) index score of 1700 or better for Counseling Psychology and International Relations courses.
  • Provide approval letter from their Departmental Heads or Immediate Supervisors and a copy of Appointment letter (Public Service Applicants).
  • Provide two written recommendation letters (Forms available from the USIU Admissions office or downloaded from the university’s website.)

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