Top 10 professional courses in the world

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Top 10 professional courses in the world

Choosing a course to pursue further education can prove to be challenging at some point especially if you do not know where your passion lies. the world is changing fast and you need to keep up with rising demand for specialized skills. Well, you might want to consider professional courses for purposes of improving your skills. A professional development course is simply a learning experience that equips you with the skills you need to perform a task that is specific to your career. A good course will boost your career and improve your performance. Below are top ten professional courses recognized worldwide;


By far, engineering remains one of the career oriented conventional professional course in the world. Engineers make things happen they don’t sit back and watch. Engineers are behind the changing world through creativity and innovations thereby building a sustainable world for current and future generations.

The wide range of disciplines that fall under the engineering title mean that no matter what the prospective student’s interest is, there is bound to be one discipline of the sector they’ll find enticing and suitable. Whether its civil, electrical, chemical or mechanical engineering, if you like tinkering, creating, designing or building, the engineering sector has a place for you.

2. Medicine

Medicine is a career driven by service to others. As such, you are tasked with putting others first,yet it also allows you to be a life-long learner. It is an occupation where your field of expertise continually expands. As a result, your knowledge base must follow suit. It is a profession that requires quick thinking and decision-making.All over the world, there is a great uniformity of medical science knowledge and practice hence you can work anywhere in the world. In most cases, Medicine students get a job immediately after they graduate. the field of medicine encompasses numerous disciplines; Bio-medicine,Nursing,Dentistry,Pharmacy,Physiotherapy,Veterinary medicine and so on.


A career in law can be intellectually challenging, personally fulfilling and financially rewarding.Even though law requires sacrifice and an ambitious spirit to pursue but in the end the rewards are breathtaking.

Law is not just about rules & regulation. Law is also about rights, justice & understanding of human behavior & society, law is the fundamental of life and liberty.A degree in law will prepare you for the many professional career paths in law. You can build a career as a barrister, chartered legal executive, paralegal or as a solicitor.

4.Actuarial science

A profession in actuarial science enables you learn how mathematical and statistical methods to asses risks in banking,finance ,insurance and investment industries. You will experience “hands-on” learning using Excel to project and investigate the financial condition of a company choosing appropriate strategies for the company through the use of simulations. Many are afraid of actuarial science as they perceive it as pure mathematics but that is not the case. It is a highly marketable profession and the employment rates are high with good remuneration.

5.Computer science

The world is constantly evolving and the driver of this changes is the internet and the technology. A career in the field of computer science is a life changing opportunity as you keep up with the growing technology. We are moving from hands on era to a total digital world , therefore securing a job with a degree in that field is not a problem.Every industry uses computers ,therefore computer scientists can work in any industry worldwide.


Studying finance, as it turns out, can have a huge impact on your life and it’s probably not as difficult as you might think,because finance revolves around planning and analysis, studying finance and becoming more financially literate enables people to make better personal financial decisions.Finance is a field lush with great earning potential and rewarding career options in a wide range of industries. The field has seen large growth despite recent economic downturn, so it’s a little more guaranteed than other fields.


Economics is truly all around us, present in almost every aspect of our lives. Studying the subject gives students a generalist understanding of the world and its inner workings. Students learn everything from what determines the price of goods and services to why the average standards of living vary so widely within and between countries.It equips you with the knowledge to utilize our resources to achieve financial success, as is finance you can work in different sectors.

8.Business management

Official statistics suggest that Business Management is one of the most popular subjects among college and university students worldwide.  In fact, it consistently outperforms all other subject areas and disciplines at this level.

Many career guides have stated that business management is the next big career option for all students who have the interest and passion to study how businesses work in the real world and complex market scenarios. if you are planning on having your own business ,then this is the right professional course for you.

9.Information Technology

The field of information technology is wide and it is growing bigger every day at an alarming speed as information is to be disseminated constantly. In this information age, experts in this field are seriously in high demand and as a matter of fact, there is a shortage of skilled people in many areas of information technology.

10.Human resource management

It basically equips you with the knowledge on how to interact with your employees and people in general. Human resources management is a specialized career path that can provide a variety of job opportunities, you will learn human behavior and how to motivate them to produce desired results. You can work anywhere with this degree in the world because it basically is a management course to ensure successful operations.

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